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Dr Fusako Innami will be leading a dance workshop with a focus on touch.

To touch—to feel and to contact—is a site of encounter with others. It is to self-reflexively recognise the unreachability of the other and of the self while trying to reach others.

Touch mediates previous experiences and the layers of sensations as an interstice while prompting one to imagine another’s experience.

The concept of touch has become an urgent matter to ponder, with COVID-19 restrictions and decreased occasions for touching others and the need for community-based resilience in the face of health crises. This dance workshop, with its focus on touch, reconsiders communication with others through the senses and embodied experiences. How can we share our lived experiences with others? How would one convey one’s sensory experiences, even without touching others? How would one’s lived experience be transformed in a transition to others in an interstice of time and space? With these questions in mind, we will form a performance based on workshops that started in December 2021.

For further information please see the event listing here

(Please note this event takes place in Utsunomiya, Japan)