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Taught Courses

The School offers a diverse range of taught MA degrees, which are available on a full-time or part-time basis.

MA in Translation Studies

An internationally recognised programme that offers close study of a wide range of languages; deep engagement with translation theories and practise; and innovative analyses of the cross-cultural and transhistorical processes involved when ideas migrate from one context to another. The programme runs work placements in various professional settings and has a particular orientation towards culture, heritage and the creative industries. Professional accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Linguistics is available for students taking our specialised translation modules while our long-term membership of the European Masters in Translation Network ensures the ongoing quality of our course design and delivery.

MA in Visual Culture

A distinctive interdisciplinary programme that invites students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the visual arts and of visual culture. To study visual arts and culture is a way of paying attention to phenomena that are literally everywhere. The concept of ‘visual culture’ acknowledges the pervasive nature of visual phenomena, and signals openness towards both the breadth of objects and images, and the range of theoretical and methodological perspectives needed to understand them adequately. Drawing upon research strengths across the departments that contribute to the programme, the MA in Visual Arts and Culture encourages students to take a broad view of geographical and chronological scope, while allowing you to engage with a wide range of visual phenomena, including fine art, film, photography, architecture, and scientific and medical imaging practices.

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MA in Languages, Literatures and Cultures

The MA in Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Durham University is an exciting and dynamic new course. Unique in its range and scope, the MA invites you to engage critically with literatures emerging from diverse literary and cultural contexts from around the world. Our course has a broad global reach and draws together our wealth of expertise in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Hispanic and Russian Studies. This inclusive approach to languages, literatures and cultures presents a distinct opportunity for students who wish to pursue a degree in world literatures and comparative studies with a firm emphasis on working on materials in their original language(s), with due attention to the local, national and regional contexts in which they originate. Whether you work with text in one, or several non-English languages, we will also invite you think within an international context, and to cross borders disciplines and canons.

MA in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

This MA is associated with Durham's Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS), which brings together students and staff from arts, humanities, social science and science departments across the University. IMEMS has more than fifty staff members, all active researchers, and is one of the largest gatherings of scholars in this area in the world. It is a vibrant research community which holds regular seminars and workshops, and which includes a large and extremely active postgraduate community, the Medieval and Early Modern Student Association, whose members organise regular seminars and conferences. This programme is designed to prepare students for doctoral research in the study of the medieval and early modern past by offering outstanding interdisciplinary training to equip students with the skills they need for their future careers. It is taught by specialists who are members of IMEMS and allows students the opportunity to study interdisciplinary topics across a wide array of areas. For several years, the MEMS MA was coordinated by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. Currently, administrative responsibility for the programme lies with the Department of History.

For more information about the programme and about how to apply, please contact the Department of History.

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Postgraduate Scholarships

Are you a UK student and thinking about postgraduate study? We have a range of support available including our Postgraduate Student Support Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship and Alumni Fee Scholarship.

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