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Translation Zone

Welcome to the Translation Zone where translators, researchers, students and anyone with interests and expertise in translation can meet.

We have created this hub because we believe that translation underpins everything we do in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (MLAC).  For us, the word ‘translation’ describes the transfer of words from one language to another; but it also expresses the movement of ideas, images and knowledge across cultural, historical and disciplinary boundaries.  Explore these pages if you, like us, celebrate translation in its broadest sense: as a creative art, a cultural crossing, a subtle tool of language learning and teaching, a fascinating research topic and a powerful instrument of intercultural exchange.

You can:

  • Meet people who practice, study, teach or carry out research into translation
  • Explore our research into and practice of translation as broadly defined
  • Learn about our learning and teaching of translation in all its various forms
  • Attend seminars, master classes and other translation-oriented events
  • Be amazed by the amount of world-class translation, research and translation-adjacent pursuits that happen daily at Durham.