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24 September 2023 - 24 September 2023

11:00AM - 3:30PM

be off (Minami Utsunomiya) 1-7-10 Yoshino, Utsunomiya, 320-0838

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Dance Workshop - Touch: Migrating Embodiedness

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触れること − 移り行く身体性

Dance workshop 

Touch: Migrating Embodiedness


2023年9月24日 @ be off (南宇都宮)

ワークショップ 11:00〜12:30

公開 13:30〜15:30










A: ワークショップ 11 : 00〜12 : 30
* 参加の方は11時までに集合。動きやすい服装でお越しください。

B: 公開 & ディスカッション 13:30〜15 : 30 

(ディスカッション ― ゲスト・武藤大祐)
* Bの見学のみ希望の方は13:30分までにお越しください。





群馬県立女子大学文学部准教授、ダンス批評家、振付家。共著書『バレエとダンスの歴史-欧米劇場舞踊史』(平凡社、2012)、『Choreography and Corporeality: Relay in Motion』(Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)ほか。近年は郷土芸能やストリップなどの大衆文化に関心を向けている。

英国ダーラム大学現代言語・文化学部准教授。著書に『Touching the Unreachable: Writing, Skinship, Modern Japan』(ミシガン大学出版会、2021)、文芸・舞踊関係の学術論文など。2012年国際演劇学会(IFTR)新人賞2等受賞。ダンスの実践に加え、Bunkamura、Dancert、Glyndebourne Operaなどへの舞台関連の委託批評も執筆。2014年にオックスフォード大学にて文学におけるタッチに関する論文で博士号取得。

協力:妻木律子/ be off (320-0838宇都宮市吉野1−7−10)


Dance Workshop

Touch: Migrating Embodiedness

Sunday, 24 September 2023 @ be off (Minami Utsunomiya)

To touch—to feel and to contact—is a site of encounter with others. It is to self-reflexively recognise the unreachability of the other and of the self while trying to reach others.

Touch mediates previous experiences and the layers of sensations as an interstice while prompting one to imagine another’s experience.

The concept of touch has become an urgent matter to ponder, with COVID-19 restrictions and decreased occasions for touching others and the need for community-based resilience in the face of health crises. This dance workshop, with its focus on touch, reconsiders communication with others through the senses and embodied experiences. How can we share our lived experiences with others? How would one convey one’s sensory experiences, even without touching others? How would one’s lived experience be transformed in a transition to others in an interstice of time and space? With these questions in mind, we will form a performance based on workshops that started in December 2021.

A: Workshop 11:00〜12:30
* Please come in comfortable clothing before 11am.

B: Showing and discussion 13:30〜15:30 

(Discussion – Guest, Daisuke Mutō)
* Please arrive before 13:30 for those attending in the afternoon.

Participation (A / B) is free, but registration is necessary.

Registration is now closed

Participants need to take off their shoes to enter the venue. Parking will be limited to participants in the workshop (A). Otherwise, please consider using public transportation for the showing (B)

Guest: Daisuke Mutō is an associate professor at the Faculty of Literature, Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, as well as a dance critic and choreographer. His publications include co-authored monographs, Baree to dansu no rekishi: Ōbei gekijō buyōshi [History of Ballet and Dance: History of Western Theatrical Dance] (Heibonsha, 2012) and Choreography and Corporeality: Relay in Motion (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). He has recently been interested in folk performance and popular culture, such as strip performance.

Organiser: Fusako Innami (DPhil., Oxford, 2014) is an associate professor at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham University. Her publications include a monograph, Touching the Unreachable: Writing, Skinship, Modern Japan (University of Michigan Press, 2021) and literary/dance-related articles and chapters. She is a recipient of the New Scholars’ Prize (2nd place) from the International Federation for Theatre Research (2012). Along with her performance practices, she has long contributed to articles on the performing arts for organisations, including Bunkamura in Tokyo, Danceart, and Glyndebourne Opera in Sussex, UK.

This project is supported by Ritsuko Tsumaki / be off (1-7-10 Yoshino, Utsunomiya, 320-0838), and funded by the Research Impact Fund, Durham University.




Free - registration required

Registration is now closed