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Institute of Advanced Study

The Institute of Advanced Study is a prestigious, ideas-based Institute with global reach.
External shot of the front door leading into the institute of advanced study

Durham Energy Institute

DEI produces world-class research for understanding energy decarbonisation and delivers integrated solutions for the climate emergency.
Anholt offshore wind farm in the Kattegat

Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

Internationally-recognised leaders in developing resilient, research-informed approaches to hazard and risk.
Artwork depicting a volcano erupting

Institute for Medical Humanities

Improving health by understanding hidden experience.
Brain storming notes on paper

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

One of the largest and most diverse concentrations of medieval and early modern studies in the world.
Students presenting in Classics and Ancient History

Centre for Classical Reception

Studying the afterlives of ancient Greece and Rome: from medieval romances to Renaissance architecture, nineteenth century art to modern cinema.
Renaissance artwork of a roman reception

Centre for Culture and Ecology

Fostering and stimulating debate between scholars, activists and the general public around pressing current ecological issues.

Centre for Intercultural Mediation

Understanding the intricate complexity of mediating human thoughts and behaviours across linguistic, political, cognitive, and cultural boundaries.
Gathering of People

Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease

Research into the histories of medicine, health, disease, medical ethics and science.
Stock imagery of medicines and pharmaceuticals, originally Division of Pharmacy

Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

A collective focus on the study of the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Centre for Modern Conflicts and Cultures

Investigating how intellectuals, writers and artists have engaged with the major geopolitical and ideological conflicts of the 20th and 21st century.
A bas relief wall sculpture showing soldiers

Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies

A locus for research in all aspects of the long nineteenth century (from 1760s to present-day neo Victorianism).
Wall mural behind a staircase in the Department of History

Centre for Visual Arts and Culture

Promoting interdisciplinary research on visual culture.
Abstract painting of the world with multicolour layers

Zurbarán Centre for Spanish and Latin American Art

Promoting and generating innovative research relating to the arts in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.
Exhibition of black and white photographs

Centre for Comparative Modernities

The Centre brings together colleagues into a cluster to investigate the global vicissitudes of modernity/modernities to foster research synergy
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