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DEI Books and major publications

Major publications and books by Durham Energy Institute Directors and Fellows.

DEI major publications

Electrifying Anthropology: : Exploring Electrical Practices and Infrastructures.

This book re-describes electricity and its infrastructures using insights from anthropology and science and technology studies.
Electrifying Anthropology book cover

Back to the Post-Industrial Future: An Ethnography of Germany's Fastest-Shrinking City

How does an urban community come to terms with the loss of its future? The case of postindustrial Hoyerswerda, Germany’s ‘fastest shrinking city’
Back to the post-industrial future book

Energy and Society: A Critical Perspective

The first major text to provide an extensive critical treatment of energy issues informed by recent research on energy in the social sciences.
Energy and Society book cover

Sociology of Interdisciplinarity: The Dynamics of Energy Research

A detailed examination of the conception of interdisciplinary energy research, producing fresh insights into the actual content of interdisciplinarity
Book cover image Sociology of Interdisciplinarity: The Dynamics of Energy Research

Durham Energy Institute (DEI) 10th Anniversary Highlights

Highlights from 10 years of Durham Energy Institute research, training, engagement and partnerships (2009 to 2019)
10 Anniversary Highlights for DEI