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DEI Energy Perspectives

A series of short articles presenting perspectives on new and emerging energy issues from our energy researchers at Durham University and our associates in academia, industry and policy sectors.

DEI Perspectives articles

High reliability microgrid infrastructure for high altitudes and the hidden threat of cosmic rays

PhD student Matthew Littlefair research to resolve problems experienced by microgrids in high altitude locations such as rural communities in Bolivia.
Front cover pic for DEI Perspectives High Reliability Microgrids

DEI Perspectives: Snowed under - the links between fuel poverty, cold homes, and Covid-19

National Energy Action outline devastating impacts from the COVID pandemic, rising energy costs, low incomes, and energy inefficient housing.
Cover image DEI Perspectives Snowed Under Fuel Poverty

DEI Perspectives issue 13: Oliver Rigby Next Generation Solar Cells

Research by PhD student Oliver Rigby to identify and develop a more sustainable new material for solar cells which uses earth-abundant elements.
DEI Perspectives cover image Next Generation solar cells

DEI Perspectives: Looking to a post-COVID sustainable future

Councillor John D Clare, Durham County Council Climate Change Champion, discusses the dangers and environmental benefits of the current Covid crisis.
DEI Perspectives cover image DEI Perspectives Looking to Post covid climate future