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New Research Publications

A Study of the Impact of Methanol, Ethanol and the Miller Cycle on a Gasoline Engine. (2021) Oxenham, L.; Wang, Y.Energies 2021, 14, 4847.

The techno-economics potential of hydrogen interconnectors for electrical energy transmission and storage (2022) Patel, Roy, Roskilly, Smallbone. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 335,

'Low Carbon Energy Democracy in the Global South?' (2021) Campbell, Ben and Cloke, Jon and Brown, Ed in Routledge Handbook of Energy Democracy. .

The ‘Advance Interference-Like Effect’ of Climate Targets: Fundamental Rights, Intergenerational Equity and the German Federal Constitutional Court (Dec 2021) Petra Minnerop. Journal of Environmental Law, eqab041,

A combined heat and green hydrogen (CHH) generator integrated with a heat network (2021). Burrin, D., Roy, S., Roskilly, A. & Smallbone, A.  Energy Conversion and Management 246: 114686.

The Key Techno-Economic and Manufacturing Drivers for Reducing the Cost of Power-to-Gas and a Hydrogen-Enabled Energy System (2021). Bristowe, G. & Smallbone, A. Hydrogen 2(3): 273-300

The performance and efficiency of novel oxy-hydrogen-argon gas power cycles for zero emission power generation (2021) Hodgson, M., Roy, S., Roskilly, A. & Smallbone, A. Energy Conversion and Management 244: 114510.

Biodiesel: Emissions and Control, Challenges, Potential and Prospects, (2021) Roy, S., Ling-Chin, J., Bohl, T., Giampieri, A., Smallbone, A., Roskilly, A. Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, Elsevier,

The ‘Advance Interference-Like Effect’ of Climate Targets: Fundamental Rights, Intergenerational Equity and the German Federal Constitutional Court (Dec 2021) Petra Minnerop. Journal of Environmental Law, eqab041,

Policy brief: Tools for Local Government Net-Zero Decision Making (Dec 2021) Claire Copeland, (SPRU, Sussex), Dr Chima Anyadike-Danes (DEI), Professor Simone Abram (DEI).

Policy brief based on CESI research which investigates how local authorities currently access energy information, and the kinds of model or decision-support that would be useful as they embark on increasingly challenging forms of localised energy planning. 

Coal Stories: A trail guide through Durham City’s industrial and coal mining past (Dec 2021) Sandra Bell and Adrian Green

An illustrated trail booklet has been developed by DEIs Sandra Bell and Adrian Green to guide people through Durham City’s mining past. 

Review of Energy Policy 2021: UKERC Publication (Dec 2021) co-authored by Prof Gavin Bridge

2021 has been a landmark year for UK energy and climate policy. This UK Energy Research Centre publication, co-authored by DEI Fellow Professor Gavin Bridge, reviews the key energy policies which have emerged and argues that policies in some areas need to be bolder if decarbonisation is to continue to proceed. 

Sociology of Interdisciplinarity - The Dynamics of Energy Research (Dec 2021) Dr Antti Silvast (DEI Associate Fellow) and Dr Chris Foulds, Palgrave Macmillan.

The book draws on insights gathered during Antti’s time at Durham Energy Institute undertaking research for the Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI) with Professor Simone Abram. It argues that there is a unique—and currently under-fulfilled—role to be played by Science and Technology Studies (STS) in exploring the sociological dimensions of how large-scale (energy) research projects are actually carried out.

Identifying double energy vulnerability: A systematic and narrative review of groups at-risk of energy and transport poverty in the global north (Dec 2021) Neil Simcock, Kirsten E.H. Jenkins, Max Lacey-Barnacle, Mari Martiskainen, Giulio Mattioli and Debbie Hopkins. Energy Research & Social Science(Vol. 82) Elsevier B.V.

Inclusion of frequency stability constraints in unit commitment using separable programming (Feb 2022) C.J.Ferrandon-Cervantes,Behzad Kazemtabrizi and Matthias C.M.Troffaes. Electric Power Systems Research, Volume 203, February 2022, 107669

This work is useful for understanding the limits of operation for especially low inertia systems (power systems with high levels of variable renewable resources integrated). The work was carried out by Dr Carlos Ferrandon-Cervantes at the department of engineering supervised by Dr Behzad Kazemtabrizi and Prof Matthias Troffaes (Mathematical sciences)

"Captive power, market access and macroeconomic performance: Reforming the Bangladesh electricity sector." (Oct 2021) Sakib Amin, Tooraj Jamasb, Manuel Llorca, Laura Marsiliani, Thomas I. Renström and Agnirup Sarkar Energy Economics, vol. 102, Oct. 2021, Elsevier B.V.

Optimisation of heat recovery from low-enthalpy aquifers with geological uncertainty using surrogate response surfaces and simple search algorithms (2022) Masoud Babaei, Amir Mohammad Norouzi, Hamidreza M. Nick, Jon Gluyas. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Volume 49, 2022, 101754,

CO2-plume geothermal in fluvial formations: A 2D numerical performance study using subsurface metrics and upscaling, (2022) Amir Mohammad Norouzi, Jon Gluyas, Masoud Babaei. Geothermics, Volume 99, 2022, 102287,

River channel pattern controls on the quality of sandstone reservoirs: A case study from the Jurassic Shaximiao formation of western Sichuan Basin, China. (2021)  Xiaoju Zhang, Meiyan Fu, Hucheng Deng, Shuang Zhao, Jon G. Gluyas, Tairan Ye, Yunqi RuanJournal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 205, 2021, 108925,

Controls of interlayers on the development and distribution of natural fractures in lacustrine shale reservoirs: A case study of the Da'anzhai member in the Fuling area in the eastern Sichuan Basin. (2022) Xiaoju Zhang, Jianhua He, Hucheng Deng, Meiyan Fu, Zehou Xiang, Xianfeng Peng, Jon G. Gluyas, Ruixue Li, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 208, Part B, 2022,

The North Sea through the energy transition David G. QuirkJohn R. UnderhillJon G. GluyasHamish A.M. WilsonMatthew J. HoweSean Anderson. First BreakVolume 39, Issue 4, Apr 2021, p. 31 - 43

Role played by clay content in controlling reservoir quality of submarine fan system, Forties Sandstone Member, Central Graben, North Sea. (2021) Abdulwahab Muhammad Bello, Stuart Jones, Jon Gluyas, Sanem Acikalin, Matthieu Cartigny. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Volume 128, 2021, 105058,

'Karstified and fractured Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) limestones of the UK; a cryptic geothermal reservoir.' (2021) Narayan, N. S. and Adams, C. A. and Gluyas, J. G.  Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften (ZDGG) / Journal of Applied and Regional Geology 

The Key Techno-Economic and Manufacturing Drivers for Reducing the Cost of Power-to-Gas and a Hydrogen-Enabled Energy System (2021). Bristowe, George & Smallbone, Andrew. Hydrogen 2(3): 273-300.

The performance and efficiency of novel oxy-hydrogen-argon gas power cycles for zero emission power generation (2021) Hodgson, Matthew, Roy, Sumit, Roskilly, Anthony Paul & Smallbone, Andrew. Energy Conversion and Management 244: 114510.

A combined heat and green hydrogen (CHH) generator integrated with a heat network (2021). Burrin, Dominic, Roy, Sumit, Roskilly, Anthony Paul & Smallbone, Andrew.  Energy Conversion and Management 246: 114686.

A levelized cost of energy approach to select and optimise emerging PV technologies: The relative impact of degradation, cost and initial efficiency (Oct 2021) Nieto-Diaz, Balder A. and Crossland, Andrew F. and Groves, Christopher, Applied Energy, Volume 299

A spatially orthogonal hierarchically porous acid–base catalyst for cascade and antagonistic reactions (Oct 2020). Nature Catalyst Isaacs, M.A., Parlett, C.M.A., Robinson, N., Beaumont, S., et al.

Realization of a Novel Free-Piston Engine Generator for Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Applications (Sept 2020). Andrew Smallbone, Mohd Razali Hanipah, Boru Jia, Tim Scott, Jonathan Heslop, Ben Towell, Christopher Lawrence, Sumit Roy, K. V. Shivaprasad, and Antony Paul Roskilly. Energy Fuels.

A practical reliability design method considering the compound weight and load-sharing (2021). Li, Y.; Coolen, F.P.A.; Zhu, C.International journal of approximate reasoning, 2021.

Offshore wind turbine reliability and operational simulation under uncertainties (2020). Dao, Cuong D.; Kazemtabrizi, Behzad; Crabtree, Christopher J. 2020-10 Wind energy, 2020, Vol.23(10), pp.1919-1938.

Simplified automatic fault detection in wind turbine induction generators (2020). Brigham, K.; Zappalá, D.; Crabtree, C.J.; Donaghy-Spargo, C. 2020-04-30 Wind energy, 2020, Vol.23(4), pp.1135-1144.

Experience Rates of Low-Carbon Domestic Heating Technologies in the United Kingdom (2020). Renaldi RenaldiRichard Hall , Tooraj Jamasb and Anthony P. Roskilly Working Papers, Copenhagen Business School, No 16-2020.

'Enhanced lifetime of organic photovoltaic diodes achieved by blending with PMMA : impact of morphology and donor:acceptor combination' (2021). Solar energy materials and solar cells., 219 . p. 110765. Nieto-Díaz, Balder A. and Pearson, Christopher and Al-Busaidi, Zakiya and Bowen, Leon and Petty, Michael C. and Groves, Christopher.

PEF plastic synthesized from industrial carbon dioxide and biowaste (2020). Nature Sustainability, Jiang, L., Gonzalez-Diaz, A., Ling-Chin, J. et al.

Effects of time resolution on finances and self-consumption when modeling domestic PV-battery systems (2020). Smith,S.I.B.D.;Wills,R.G.A.; and Crossland, A.F.,Energy Reports, Volume 6, Supplement 5, May 2020, Pages 157-165.

What do energy modellers know? an ethnography of epistemic values and knowledge models (2020). Silvast, Antti and Laes, Erik and Abram, Simone and Bombaerts, Gunter. Energy research & social science., 66 . p. 101495.

Settler Geology: Earth’s Deep History and the Governance of in Situ Oil Spills in Alberta (2020). Schmidt, Jeremy J. Political Geography 78 102132 (pp1–11).

Recommendation-based Trust Model for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) (2020). Alnasser, Aljawharah. , Sun, Hongjian. & Jiang, Jing. IEEE Internet of Things Journal7(1): 440-450.

"Data-driven Pricing and Control for Low Carbon V2G Charging Station with Balancing Services," (2020) M. H. Cedillo and H. Sun. IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids (SmartGridComm), 2020, pp. 1-6, doi: 10.1109/SmartGridComm47815.2020.9303018.

Knuth, Sarah (2021). Rentiers of the low-carbon economy? Renewable energy's extractive fiscal geographiesEnvironment and Planning A: Economy and Space

Schliffke, Nicholas, van Hunen, JeroenAllen, Mark B., Magni, Valentina & Gueydan, Frédéric (2022). Episodic back-arc spreading centre jumps controlled by transform fault to overriding plate strength ratioNature Communications 13(1).

Chen, Danhong, Jaenicke, Edward C., Yan, Ji, Tian, Kun & Nayga, Rodolfo M. (2021). Price promotion of organic foods and consumer demandRenewable Agriculture and Food Systems

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