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DEI Research and Policy Insights

Insights and briefings emerging from Durham Energy Institute research. 

Research and Policy briefings

Decarbonising Heating policy briefing

A policy briefing explaining the challenges of decarbonising heating and some insights developed through Durham Energy Institute (DEI) research.
Image of hand turning Heat control knob on Radiator

Tools for Local Government Net-Zero Decision Making

Investigating how local authorities currently access energy information, and the models or decision-support needed for localised energy planning.
Banner showing different energy sources in a hexagonal grid to depict energy systems integration

UKERC Review of Energy Policy 2021

This UK Energy Research Centre publication, co-authored by DEI Fellow Prof Gavin Bridge, reviews the key energy policies of 2021.
Policy written in lettered cubes

Just Transition: Pathways to Socially Inclusive Decarbonisation.

A COP26 Universities briefing co-authored by DEI Director Prof Simone Abram exploring how to ensure climate action is socially inclusive.
COP26 world logo

Geothermal Energy briefing: Realising the UKs Geothermal potential

A DEI briefing outlining how the UK could benefit from geothermal energy and heat from water in flooded abandoned mines
Geothermal energy icon blue

Temporary Workers in Energy Construction Projects: Exploring Causes and Effects

Why are temporary workers to prevalent in construction projects in the energy sector and what are the implications?