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Peer Assisted Scheme (PASS)

PASS is a globally established academic assistance programme, first created at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, delivered to first year students by trained higher year students. PASS is an entirely voluntary, student-driven peer support programme where students get together in an active, positive, friendly, and collaborative environment to supplement learning delivered by lecturers.

How does PASS work?

At the Psychology Department, PASS is delivered in the form of fortnightly study sessions where student participation is entirely voluntary and session content is student-driven. PASS sessions are facilitated by trained higher year students who use different activities & techniques to get the group to discuss any areas that are unclear and to enable the group to support each other to build on existing understanding.‚Äč

Benefits for students attending tutorials:

  • Improve your study strategies and skills, motivation and academic self-confidence
  • Increase your academic performance
  • Increase your confidence in your academic knowledge
  • Develop study skills to help you become an independent learner
  • Benefit from the experience of higher year students

PASS Leaders

Students in their second year can apply to become PASS leaders. They will deliver the study sessions to the first year students. 

Benefits for students leading tutorials:

  • Gain excellent employability skills such as;
    • organisation
    • team-working
    • leadership
    • facilitating discussions
    • public speaking/presentation skills
  • Gain confidence in your academic knowledge


For additional information on careers and employability as part of the Psychology undergraduate study, please see Employability.