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Services and Collaboration

Our academics engage in translational work, to bring our research to those who can most benefit from it. This includes organising conferences to bring both academics and clinicians together, developing interventions and training programmes for those experiencing vision loss or stroke, and providing evidence-driven solutions for commercial partners.

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Behavioural Science Team (BeST)

The Behavioural Science Team conduct world-leading research on human behaviour and behaviour change. We apply our research to challenges across the public, private, and third sectors by providing expert guidance and consultancy focused on understanding and influencing human behaviour.

Durham Reading & Exploration Training (DREX)

Here in the psychology department at Durham University we have been investigating homonymous visual field defects and have been developing training programs that may be used in the rehabilitation of such impairments. The aim of our training is not to try and restore the lost vision but rather to help people to learn compensatory strategies to help them overcome the difficulties which they experience due to the visual deficit.


NEURACLIN is a network of North-East based Neuroscience and Research oriented Academics and Clinicians. The aim of this network is to bring Academics and Clinicians together, with a view to making it easier to share ideas and practice, to disseminate results, and to collaborate on research projects.