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Centres and Institutes

Durham Cultural Evolution Research Centre

We have a cross-disciplinary membership, including the fields of anthropology, archaeology, biological sciences, business, education, mathematics and psychology. We also welcome researchers from other universities.

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Centre for Neurodiversity & Development

We encompass research across numerous developmental disorders such as Autism, Williams Syndrome, Language and Literacy Disorders, to name a few. Drawing together multi-disciplinary insights allows us to better understand potential intervention strategies and taking a cross-syndrome approach allows consideration of how best to adapt intervention or educational strategies to the needs of the individual. 


Centre for Vision and Visual Cognition 

We are a centre for neuropsychological research that focuses on extremely rare neurological conditions, including work which has illuminated mechanisms of colour perception, visual control of action and visual consciousness. 

Durham Centre for Imaging 

We seek to encourage new interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research programmes involving academic staff both within and between departments and Universities, and with clinical colleagues at James Cook University Hospital. (This site is currently under construction)

Learning and Memory Processes Centre 

We focus on the processes of learning and memory in both health and disease. Old age, as well as various diseases and medical conditions, can have a huge impact on our ability to learn and remember new information. Here we bring together experts using a range of approaches to build a clearer understanding of how learning and memory processes work in healthy brains, how these processes can go wrong, and how these healthy mechanisms can be restored when they go wrong.

Centre for Research into Inner Experience

We bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers with the aim of transforming scientific, humanities and social sciences approaches to human inner experience, by pioneering new integrations of objective data about neural processes with rich descriptions of the subjective features of first-person experience. In addition to traditional sources of academic funding, CRIE actively seeks support for its work through partnerships with private-sector funders from video game design, AI and the creative industries. 

A Man inside the teamLab Museum in Fukuoka (TeamLab Forest)


Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Research 

Here we bring together researchers interested in an understanding of the cognitive and biological mechanisms behind learning, memory, language and decision making. We use a range of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience approaches in both human and non-human animals to understand these mechanisms, including fMRI, computational modelling, single-cell electrophysiology, transgenic models of disease and behavioural studies following lesions. 

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing 

We are the seedbed for pioneering initiatives such as in the medical humanities and applied statistics, as well as developing and sustaining critical mass in important areas of health and wellbeing research activity.

Biophysical Sciences Institute 

We are a community of interdisciplinary academics, researchers and students who have research interests at the boundary between the life sciences and the other sciences including physics, chemistry and psychology, as well as mathematics and engineering.