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Our Sites

The Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities reaches beyond Durham University with community, clinical and creative partnerships in three physical sites.

Our Sites include The DeepEnd (St Anthony's Health Centre), The WellSpring (Recovery College Collective) and The Festival (Edinburgh International Book Festival).
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Our Sites

Change begins by embracing new connections and reaching beyond the University. 

Our three Sites are spaces which facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people with lived experience, clinicians and creative professionals. 


The DeepEnd

A partnership with St Anthony's Health Centre, a GP practice in one of the most socioeconomically deprived areas of the UK with links to Deep End North-East and Cumbria.
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The WellSpring

A partnership with the Recovery College Collective (ReCoCo), a radical peer-led mental health education and support network based in Newcastle upon Tyne.
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The Festival

A partnership with the Edinburgh International Book Festival, which reimagines the book festival as a space of research, experimentation and methodological innovation.
Text-based logo: Edinburgh (line one), International (line two), Book Festival (line three). White text right-aligned on black background, with stylised white lines on the left-hand side of the logo.

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