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The WellSpring

The WellSpring site in the Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities is a partnership with the Recovery College Collective (ReCoCo) in Newcastle upon Tyne.

ReCoCo is a peer led mental health education and support service where people can learn from each other’s skills, insights and lived experience. They aim to ‘nuture a community of warriors and survivors towards a sense of belonging and acceptance for who, what and how they are’.

The WellSpring will be a physical presence in ReCoCo for the duration of the Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities (2023–2030).

It will make space for ReCoCo’s community members to exercise their curiosity and realise their priorities for mental health research, providing them with opportunities to connect ideas, experiment creativity and scientifically, and develop methods for exploring the challenges of mental distress and how we might improve mental health services.

The WellSpring is led by Evelyn Tehrani (Senior Manager - Research & Engagement) working with Georgia Corbett, the WellSpring Co-ordinator. 

For more information about The WellSpring, please contact Evelyn Tehrani.

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