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Metal measuring spoons

Measurement Lab

Led by Alex Broadbent (Philosophy) and Coreen McGuire (History), the Measurement Lab is designed to research the historical, political, and philosophical meanings of measurement and its function within medical and health contexts, with the ultimate goal of improving this function.  

We will investigate measurement in two linked areas in which the act of measurement is outpacing conceptual development. We will: 

  1. Explore the gap between the new technologies designed to measure health at the population level and the concepts available to understand these measures

  2. Explore measures of normality, diversity, and function in mental health, with a specific focus on neurodiversity. 

Robert Chapman and Louise Creechan will be supporting this second strand of work.  

The Measurement Lab will tackle barriers to medical humanities research by developing innovative methodologies that centre the knowledge of people with lived experience of complex health conditions, especially those correlated with health inequalities. It will provide space and support for new ways of doing medical humanities research, catalyse new research ventures, and empower diverse researchers to work within the field.  

The Lab is currently developing internal and external relationships and activities, including a measurement network and visiting fellowships.  

If you have any questions about the work of the Lab, or are interested in getting involved in our network, please get in touch with Coreen McGuire and Alex Broadbent 

The Measurement Lab is part of the Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities (DRP-MH) and is also supported by the Centre for Philosophy of Epidemiology, Medicine and Public Health