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About Us

The Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities brings together researchers, creative professionals, people with lived experience and healthcare and community partners to collaborate in tackling barriers – of diversity, connection, risk, evidence and scale – faced in medical humanities research.

Together, we will develop new and experimental approaches to intractable questions of health and human experience, including mental ill health and health inequalities.

Our Platform focuses on ways of doing research, and through local, national, and international collaborations will be catalysing and developing innovative methodologies to advance knowledge and practice related to health and wellbeing. We have six method Labs that bring together expertise around measurement, movement, affect, cognition, narrative, and visual arts.

The Platform also aims to facilitate knowledge exchange between different fields and sectors, and create long-lasting, meaningful partnerships with people with lived experience. Our work spans three physical sites: The DeepEnd (St Anthony's Health Centre), The WellSpring (Recovery College Collective), and The Festival (Edinburgh International Book Festival). 

Researchers in the Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities come from a wide range of disciplines, including Literary Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Education and Sociology.

We aim to provide a supportive and generative space for cultivating new research approaches, collaborations, and large-scale projects. Through training programmes and fellowship schemes, as well as everyday working practices that foreground creative facilitation, ethics, and interdisciplinarity, the Platform will provide an environment where people from different backgrounds and areas of expertise can develop their research skills and their practice.

The Discovery Research Platform for Medical Humanities is funded by Wellcome. It is supported by Durham's Institute for Medical Humanities.

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