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Women's Vs Exeter

As we reach the end of Michaelmas term, we would like to provide you with a round-up of all of our major sporting highlights since the summer. Read on for our BUCS round-up of the season, and future prospects for our highly successful teams.

Sport in Durham has continued to grow and become an exciting prospect for any student starting at this world renowned University. At the heart of all the action, is the fortress that is Maiden Castle. In the first full non-Covid year, we have seen thousands of students taking part in sport; from having a kick about with mates to performing at the highest level of University sport - and it just keeps getting better!

BUCS sport continues to be a major focus for us here at the university; the 21-22 season saw a number of successes with both men’s and women’s rugby winning their respective national leagues, men’s fencing, men’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s volleyball, women’s cricket and men’s indoor cricket all winning the BUCS Championship, and our women’s hockey 3s winning the BUCS Trophy.  The boat club also topped the table for the first time in years across all BUCS events. The rise of Futsal last season showed considerable promise for the future of futsal here at Durham, after a close promotion. 

Going into this season, we are looking to emulate these great results and if possible look to improve, although the competition keeps getting tougher!  We are currently sitting second in the BUCS points table going into Christmas, with our 125 BUCS teams competing week in week out to climb their leagues. 31 of these teams sit at the top of their respective league and we have a further 17 sports that are in the top 5.  In terms of the knockout competitions, 70 are still challenging for glory in to the new year.

Our event sports are continuing to grow - getting bigger and better with every training session that’s held. This has shown with gold medals in both swimming and taekwondo for the first time in a long time, with surfing picking up points for probably the first time ever.

Our volleyball club remains unbeaten with every team sitting top of their league, as do men’s fencing and the Boat club, who put on an excellent showing in the indoor series setting themselves up for a great 2023.

Our student leaders have certainly steered their respective clubs in the right direction and have been an integral part of bringing back the Team Durham ethos; encouraging each other to perform to the highest level. 2023 couldn’t come sooner as we look to keep up this momentum and press on to the BUCS nationals and Big BUCS Wednesday, our teams and clubs are ready to put on a show. 

- Mark Brian, Head of Sport