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Women's squad huddling

DUWRFC have been honourably selected to compete in Melrose Sevens this year, in their first women's tournament in this event format.

Rugby Sevens is represented in both the Commonwealth Games and recognised as an Olympic Sport. Melrose is the home of the Sevens game. It is proud of its heritage and its place in rugby history. Melrose Rugby Ltd will continue to promote the abbreviated game in tribute to Ned Haig and those early pioneers.

They are now in the process of selecting their teams to compete in the first ever official Women's Tournament at Melrose Sevens. Durham University Women’s Rugby Club (DUWRFC) have been offered the amazing opportunity as the third team out of four selected to compete in April. This is the first time in history women will be introduced into this event format. 

DUWRFC have a strong sevens programme and regularly compete in the BUCS national tournaments including St Andrew’s Sevens, Krakow Sevens and Algarve Sevens where the team faced several national teams. This included the national team of Hong Kong.

Melrose Sevens interviewed DUWRFC, to see what it meant to them to be attending the competition. Our current stand-in Senior Coach Si Culley, commented: “DUWRFC are excited to be attending Melrose 7s and be part of such a prestigious and long running event. Durham were both Men’s and Women’s BUCS league champions in 2022. Durham has a strong 7s pedigree in the University game and will be keen to showcase the best of student rugby on the Melrose stage.”

The Melrose Sevens begins on Thursday 6th April 2023, followed by a pre-qualification tournament and U18s tournament on Friday 7th April, with the traditional Melrose Sevens event taking place on Saturday 8th April.

Read the full report on their website here.