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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

​​​Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – also known as Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – is an added layer of security during the Microsoft sign-in process, helping protect the University systems from unauthorised access. It provides you with two 'factors' that are needed to access a system (as opposed to a single factor in your password): something you know (such as a password) and something you have (such as a device).

How do I get it?

The recommended solution is to register for the Microsoft MFA service using your Smartphone. To setup MFA you need to log in to this link using your Durham IT account details. For more support, see this video guide.

If you do not have a supported Smartphone, you should contact the IT Service Desk to discuss your options. 

How do I use it?

For details on how to use the Multi-Factor Authentication service please click on the relevant link, when using:

What if I change device (Smartphone)?

Follow our guidance on How to change devices when using Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). However, if you have already deleted the Authenticator App, no longer have your old Device or you have any further general queries on using this service please contact the IT Service Desk.