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The Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing Challenge Academies

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you our Challenge Academies. Each has been carefully built to address local and global unmet need in health-related issues. Closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, these Academies have the interdisciplinary approach unique to Durham University built in. In this way, each Academy can address major problems in health and wellbeing, but also be responsive to new challenges as they arise.

By addressing issues of race, mental health, physical activity etc. in each of our Academies, we can ensure a holistic approach, increasing our depth of understanding leading to impact for all.


We help our Challenge Academies grow, fostering networking, identifying and assisting with funding opportunities, expanding their internationalisation and ensuring impact through clinical, industry or policy collaboration. This approach is central to our core ethos where our Academies address the beginning (identifying the correct question), the middle (understanding who the problem affects and how) and the end (how we can use this knowledge to create purpose built solutions that don’t just help some of the people some of the time but all of the people, all of the time.

Contact the Wolfson shared email address,, for further details about our Challenge Academies