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Power and the Church of England text

This series is a joint venture of the Michael Ramsey Centre for Anglican Studies at Durham University and the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University.

Our aim is to explore

  • the many forms of power that shape the life of the Church of England
  • the ways in which these forms of power shape people’s experience in and around the Church
  • the various accounts of power (theological and sociological, for instance) that circulate in and around the Church
  • what it means for power to be exercised in healthy ways, and
  • the nature and impact of the misuse and abuse of power

Past Webinars  

You can view some of our past webinars below:

1. Karen Gorham and Lis Goddard,

Women and Power in the Church of England

2. Anderson Jeremiah

Colonialism and Power in the Church of England

3. Katie Tupling

Disability and Power in the Church of England

4. Liz Graveling, Julius Anozie, Frankie Ward, Mark Tanner

Power Over’ or ‘Power With’ in the Church of England 

5. Phil Groves and Claire Williams

Neurodiversity and Power in the Church of England

6. The Rt Revd Jonathan Clark

What can the church learn from the anarchists?

7. Revd Canon Dr Chigor Chike: 

Spirit and Power: African Christianity's Challenge to the Church of England

8. Sandra Cobbin:

Episcopal Power

Further Information

For further information, or to propose a future webinar for the series, please contact Mike Higton on

The series is overseen by a small steering group: Mike Higton, Stephanie Burette, Frances Clemson Coad, Liz Graveling, Anderson Jeremiah and Katie Tupling.