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Seminars, Lectures and Symposia

See below for our list of upcoming webinars. 

(Please also see our Power in the Church of England webinar series.)

Easter Term 

This term’s programme is a mixture of in-person, hybrid, and online-only events. Please check each event for details.


Anglican Communion Office Seminar. The Venerable Doctor Will Adam (Archdeacon of Canterbury),

Reflections on 'The Principles of Canon Law Common to the Churches of the Anglican Communion’

Wednesday 26 April: 4.00-5.30 p.m.

Online only. The Teams link is:


Dr Rebecca Leong (Durham University)

Advocating a Five-Fold Ethic for Christian Sexual Ethics. Furthering the conversation in 'Living in Love and Faith’

Wednesday 3 May: 4.00-5.30 p.m.

Online only. The Teams link is:


St Antony’s Priory Seminar:  Dr Serenhedd James (St Stephen’s House, Oxford) 

"The Cloister-Madness of the Monk”: re-establishing the religious life for men in the Church of England

Wednesday 10 May: 4.00-5.30 p.m

NB: In-person only.

This seminar will be held at St Antony’s Priory, 74 Claypath, Durham, DH1 1QT.


Michael Ramsey Lecture:  Professor Jane Shaw (Professor of the History of Religion, University of Oxford):

Women, Mysticism and Anglicanism in the Twentieth Century

Thursday 8 June., 2023: 6.00-7.30 p.m (hybrid)

Lecture Room PG 20, Pemberton Building, Palace Green, Durham.

NB: This is a hybrid event. If you would like to attend online, please use the Teams link below.


Further Information

For further information about seminars and events at the Michael Ramsey Centre, please contact Mike Snape on


Our past seminars for 2022-23 are listed below.  

Epiphany Term


Revd Rebecca Amoroso (Lindisfarne College of Theology):

‘“The Chapel Feels Like Home”:  Reflections on Anglican Prison Ministry’

Wednesday 1 February, 4.00-5.30 p.m., Abbey House, D/TH 107. and ONLINE


Anglican Communion Office Seminar: Revd Dr Thomas Sharp: 

Can Networks be the Future of the Anglican Communion? Learning from the first years of the Anglican Theology Project

Wednesday 8 February: 4.00-5.30 p.m., Abbey House, D/TH 107.


Johannes Makar (Harvard University): 

In Search of a National Church: Anglican-Coptic Exchanges at the turn of the Nineteenth Century

Wednesday 1 March, 4.00-5.30 p.m


Book Launch: Canon Professor Michael Snape (Durham University) with Professor W.M. Jacob: 

A Church Militant: Anglicans and the Armed Forces from Queen Victoria to the Vietnam War (OUP, 2022)

Wednesday 15 March, 4.00-5.30 p.m., Abbey House, D/TH 107