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Environmental Humanities Scholarship - PhD Funding Opportunity

The Arts & Humanities Faculty are advertising funding opportunities for FOUR PhD positions focused on Environmental Humanities (defined on the website as: "Environmental Humanities, understood broadly in terms of explorations of the interaction of nature and society and discussed on transformative research that brings the humanities – including the research carried out by all of our departments - to our most pressing problems in this area (such as the climate emergency).").

Full information can be found here:

The deadline for this is 5pm on 22 April 2024. Both Home and International students are eligible to apply along with students who have already applied for a PhD programme. Please find further details on eligibility here.

CHESS welcome applicants for these PhD studentships with potential PhD supervisors and topics attached to CHESS including:-

Professor Nancy Cartwright - Durham University

Professor Robin Hendry - Durham University - history of chemical pollution, water purity governance etc.

Professor Peter Vickers - Durham University – the relationships between scientific consensus, ‘facts’, and environmental policy.

Dr Sarah Wieten - Durham University - Concepts of health as environmental or mixed philosophical/qualitative approaches to environmental study.

Dr Emily Webster - Durham University - environmental history, history of disease and environment, history and philosophy of biology/ecology, interdisciplinary approaches to the environment, public health and environment in historical perspective.

Dr Gregory Lusk - Durham University

Please note, candidates MUST have an offer for a place on a PhD programme by the deadline. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship opportunity, please get in touch ASAP.

Please contact with any queries you may have, all tentative queries are welcome.