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Prof Nancy Cartwright, Engineering Objectivity – For Responsible Science Use, Applied Conceptual Engineering conference (Arché Philosophical Research Center, University of St Andrew's)

Prof Nancy Cartwright, Impact evaluation: causal maps, mechanisms and the elusive quest for useful middle range theory, Seminar, The Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL) 

Prof Nancy Cartwright, What are the promises and pitfalls of evidence-based policy? Is it a mistake or simply misleading to speak of laws in science?, Science Beyond the Horizon series, IAS, University of Amsterdam

Prof Nancy Cartwright, Why Big Theory is Here to Stay, St Andrews Philosophy Society, University of St. Andrew's

Prof Nancy Cartwright, Philosophy For Our Times Podcast, E162: The End Of All Things, John Dupre, Subir Sarkar, Nancy Cartwright

Prof Nancy Cartwright, The Big Evidence Debate, Panel Discussion: Is meta-analysis the best we can do?, Durham University, June 2019

Prof Nancy Cartwright, 8th ESRC Research Methods Festival, Casual inference: evidencing the single case, University of Bath, July 2018

Prof Nancy Cartwright, What's the use of pragmatic trials, KCL, London, 26 January 2017

Prof Nancy Cartwright appeared on the BBC Radio 4 show 'Whodunnit?' discussing social policy (06/12/16)

IAI TV Debate: Explaining the Inexplicable: Is explanation an illusion? Nancy Cartwright, Piers Corbyn, James Ladyman (Host: David Malone) from HowTheLightGetsIn Festival - June 2016

Professor Nancy Cartwright, HowTheLightGetsIn videos 

Prof Alison Wylie, Soloman Katz Distinguished Lecture 'What Knowers Know Well: Why Feminism Matters to Archaeology'. University of Washington (May 2016)

Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Debates, 16 October 2014. The University of Edinburgh. Nancy Cartwright: Predicting what will happen when we intervene

Prof Nancy Cartwright Inaugural Lecture: Deliberating Policy: Where morals and methods mix - and not always for the best. Durham University. 28 October 2013

Prof Nancy Cartwright appeared on Ben Goldacre's Bad Evidence on BBC Radio 4 (06/01/13) Listen here 

Prof Nancy Cartwright, What Can Economists Know. Rethinking the Foundations of Economic Understanding, at the Institute for New Economic Thinking's (INET) Paradigm Lost Conference in Berlin, 12 April 2012

Prof Nancy Cartwright, Wiser Use of Social Science, Wiser Wishes, Wiser Policies, Rotman Institute of Philosophy 2011-2012 Speaker Series, Western University, 3 September 2012

Prof Nancy Cartwright, Evidence, Argument and Mixed Methods, Rotman Institute of Philosophy, 3 August 2012

Prof Nancy Cartwright, Evidence And the Demands of Rigor. Patrick Suppes' 90th birthday celebration, Stanford University, 11 March 2012