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After Disaster Network

After Disaster Network 

‘Growing capabilities for understanding and dealing with the aftermath of disasters’ 

IHRR has launched a new initiative to specifically focus on ’After Disaster’. 

We are interested in the foundations that support psychological, social, institutional, and economic ‘recovering’. We want to learn how to support and manage aftermaths without creating conditions that foster post-disaster crises. The timeframe of the aftermath can be long, with many people ‘living with’ disaster and post-disaster conditions for an extended period of time. 

Our aspirations are to: 

  • put communities at the heart of dealing with the aftermath,
  • ensure preparedness is about material, social and human capital not plans,
  • embrace collaboration with as wide a range of people as possible,
  • embrace unpredictability and uncertainty,
  • see the aftermath of disasters through a new lens that gets away from disciplinary silos and poorly defined terms and practices.

The After Disaster Network is going to develop a series of activities aimed at exploring challenges of dealing with the aftermath of a disaster and sharing learning about how to support communities at such time. 

The After Disasters Network has been founded by: 

  • Professor Louise Bracken, Wilson Chair in Risk Research and Ex-Director of IHRR
  • Kate Cochrane, Head of Emergency Management, Falklands Islands and Professor in Practice IHRR
  • Neil Denton,Independent Community Mediator and Professor in Practice IHRR 
  • Dr Lucy Easthope, Senior Fellow of the Emergency Planning College and Professor in Practice IHRR
  • Dr Flora Cornish, Associate Professor at LSE and Professor in Practice IHRR

 Action on Natural Disasters


IHRR Forecasting Laboratory


Logo of the IHRR Forecasting Laboratory


The IHRR Forecasting Laboratory aims to advance our understanding of Forecasting, Foresight and strategic Planning methods and systems, to help make better Decisions in the context of Risk and Uncertainty driven by natural and anthropogenic activities. 


Lab Member Profiles

Professor Konstantinos Nikolopoulos 

A profile picture of Professor Konstantinos Nikolopoulos

Dr Konstantinos (Kostas) Nikolopoulos is the founder and director of the IHRR Forecasting Lab. He is the Professor in Business Information Systems and Analytics in Durham University Business School. Dr Nikolopoulos studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (ΕΜΠ) in Greece, (DEng 2002, BEng 1997) and completed the International Teachers Programme (ITP) at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (2011). His research interests are Forecasting, Analytics and Information Systems. Dr Nikolopoulos was Professor of Business Analytics/Decision Sciences at Bangor University (2010-2020), and the College Director of Research for the College of Business, Law, Education, and Social Sciences (2011-2018). Before that he was Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences at the University of Manchester, and Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University (2004-05) and the National Technical University of Athens (1996-2004). 


Shujun Xiao 

A profile picture of Shujun Xiao

Shujun Xiao is a PhD candidate of Durham University Business School. She received her B.A. in International Trade Practice from Shandong University of Finance and Economics, B.A. Economics with Management from Edinburgh Napier University, MSc. International Finance from Edinburgh Napier University, and MBA Management from Bangor University. She has work experience in tourism and the hospitality industry. Her research focuses on business model transformation and post-pandemic resilience in tourism sectors. 


George Karamatzanis 

A profile picture of George Karamatzanis

George Karamatzanis is the lab manager of the IHRR Forecasting Lab. He is a third-year PhD researcher in the department of Management & Marketing at Durham University Business School. George received his undergraduate law degree from Lancaster University in 2019 and graduated from the University of Law with an LPC/LLM degree in 2020. He has legal experience working in-house for a shipping company and a commercial law firm. He has also been teaching seminars for both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Durham University Business School. His research interests lie in corporate governance, pension fund governance, the impact of big data analytics and technological tools in corporate governance and the legal industry as well as stakeholder governance. 


Alexandros Kalatzoupoulos 

A profile picture of Alexandros Kalatzoupoulos

Alexandros Kalantzopoulos has lived and worked in London since 2014. He has two MSc degrees from Bayes Business School and Athens University of Business and recently has been accepted into the Durham PhD Program. Alexandros has been working in the banking industry from 2015 and has worked in various positions as a quantitative researcher/developer. For the last four years, he has worked as a VP - Model Validator for Barclays Bank.


Dr. Vasileios (Vassilis) Bougioukos

Dr. Vasileios (Vassilis) Bougioukos is working as a research associate at IHRR Forecasting lab. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Bangor University (Wales, UK). His research focuses mainly on social investments, labour market reforms and judgmental forecasting. Moreover, he holds an MSc in European Political Economy from the London School of Economics and earned a bachelor's degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business in the field of International and European Economic Studies. Vasileios has offered teaching and research support in various institutes around the UK, such as Bangor University, SOAS, the London Business School and the London School of Economics. He is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at Notre Dame University, London Campus. Vasileios also has international experience, as he has spent time working in China in various academic positions.