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IHRR works with researchers of all disciplines from around the world. The Institute offers a range of pump-priming, studentships, scholarships and bursaries to help support staff and postgraduates. PhD students are eligible to receive funding and scholarships from our various donors. 


PhD Funding 

IHRR works with donors to offer funded PhD studentships in the following ways: 

1) In conjunction with the Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation who have generously funded 12 PhD studentships with IHRR so far.

2) Through the Chancellors Appeal to fund the Action on Natural Disasters. 

3) Other donors. 


Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation 

Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation logo

The Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation, was established by Jan Moyes, Chris' widow, to commemorate Christopher Moyes, a leading Durham businessman and former chairman of the council of Durham University who died in 2006. 

The Foundation aims to celebrate Chris’s memory by providing funding for projects that reflect Chris’s beliefs and long-standing commitment to County Durham, Durham University and in particular the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience.