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The Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology (DCCIT) brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines.

Our primary focus is to develop state of the art technologies for crop improvement and protection. Our objective is to approach research challenges collaboratively, with a view to addressing the strategic needs of government and industry.
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Our work in images

  • Image one

    SFR8 plant (Dr Heather Knight)

  • Image two

    Cotton ball (from Professor Keith Lindsey)

  • Image three

    TCS root (from Professor Keith Lindsey)

  • Image four

    Flax (from Dr Adrian Brennan)

  • Image five

    Vasculature (from Dr Peter Etchells)

  • Image six

    Chromatin (from Dr Miguel de Lucas)

  • Image seven

    Calcium (from Professor Marc Knight)

  • Image eight

    Hormones (from Dr Junli Liu)

  • Image nine

    Septoria (from Professor Ari Sadanandom)

Our research groups and specialisms
SFR8 plant (from Dr Heather Knight)

SFR8 plant (Dr Heather Knight)

Cotton ball (from Professor Keith Lindsey)

Understanding signalling mechanisms regulating the root meristem (Professor Keith Lindsey)

Understanding the genetic basis of flower form variation in the genus Linum (flax/linseed) (Dr Adrian Brennan)

Manipulating vascular development to increase plant productivity (Dr Peter Etchells)

Unraveling chromatin dynamics during development (Dr Miguel de Lucas)

The role of calcium in plant gene expression (Professor Marc Knight)

Systems biology approach to understanding hormonal crosstalk in Arabidopsis (Dr Junli Liu)

Understanding the interaction between septoria and wheat using fluorescent markers (Professor Ari Sadanandom)

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