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Students celebrate Durham Global Week at Queens Campus, Stockton

Students at our International Study Centre at Queens Campus, Stockton celebrated the first day of Durham Global Week by performing music and dance from around the world, creating global-themed art and an enjoying an international movie showcase.

World Music Performance

At the World Music Performance, students sang or performed a song from their home country, which they had been rehearsing for four weeks with support from the Student Enrichment Team. The session included a diverse selection of music from China, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and other countries. This was followed by a traditional Tai Chi dance, performed by Wen Cai.

International Movie Showcase

At an International Movie Showcase, students enjoyed popcorn, drinks and snacks while viewing two international movies: Flee and Parasite. The session aimed to encourage students to explore the cultural aspects of the films, with some students being issued academic tasks relating to them.

Your Global Imprint artwork

Students were encouraged to add their fingerprint to an atlas in paint as part of a Your Global Imprint art project which will be displayed throughout the week.

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