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The Department Through Time

Follow the links below to find out more about the Department since its founding in 1928

Department History

A history of the department from its founding in 1928 through 2018, collated by Professor Ian Simmons
Aerial View of Geography Campus 1950s

Durham and the Department of Geography in 1955

A snapshot of life in the Department and the city in 1955, by Professor John Clarke
Prof Clarke Seminar 1981

Climatology at Durham

A short account of the study of climatology in the Department, by Joan Kenworthy
The Durham University Observatory is a weather observatory owned and operated by the University of Durham. It is a Grade II listed building located at Potters Bank and was founded in 1839.

Professor Gordon Manley

Founder and first Head of the Geography Department
Gordon Manley

Historical Photos of the Department

Appleby Lecture Theatre with Mike Crang delivering a lecture in the 1990s

Mike Crang delivering a lecture in the Appleby lecture theatre, mid-1990s

The post-1965 cartography lab. Ken Atkinson supervises.

Ken Atkinson in the Cartography Lab, sometime after 1965

John Dewdney leads a procession towards its Graduation Congregation in the 1970s

John Dewdney leads a group of Geography students at Congregation in the 1970s

Geography Library

The Geography Library

1980 Portugal Field trip with Jim Lewis - Image from Linda Drury

Portugal field trip, 1980. Photo by Linda Drury

WB Fisher at an event in the 1960s

W.B. Fisher

Michael Drury giving instructions in 1970 to students leaving for a field trip in Greece. Image from Linda Drury

Michael Drury giving instructions to students leaving for a field trip in Greece, 1970. Photo by Linda Drury

Lecture in W309 in 1981 with Ian Simmons

Ian Simmons lecturing in W309, 1981

1981 laboratory

Laboratory work, 1981

Computer Lab in the 1980s with Danny Donnoghue

Danny Donoghue teaching a computer practical, 1980s

WB Fisher at dinner with Prime Minister of Jordan in 1965

W.B. Fisher at a dinner with the Prime Minister of Jordan, 1965

1986 Portugal Field trip - Jim Lewis Image from Linda Drury

Portugal field trip, 1986. Photo by Linda Drury

Fieldwork Millburngate 1980s

Fieldwork in Millburngate, 1980s

Jubilee Prize Giving 1978

Jubilee Prize giving, 1978

Geography Students relaxing date unknown

Janet Townsend leading a Geography tutorial, date unknown