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Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

Durham University Business School is a world-class international business school offering undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience programmes. It is one of the four Faculties of Durham University, the third oldest in England and firmly established within the top tier of universities in the UK. We are a vibrant research community of international and diverse faculty across three departments and twelve research centres.

We study a broad range of timely and important topics in Accounting, Economics and Finance, such as accountability, economic and sustainable development, cyber security, energy and environmental economics, financial literacy, and social and ethical development. We are strong in quantitative finance, experimental economics, and financial models.

Our Management and Marketing research focuses on pressing organisational challenges such as new business models, international business, entrepreneurship, organisational resilience, supply chains, open innovation, business analytics, consumer research and design thinking. Consistent with our vision to develop future leaders, we are particularly strong in leadership research, emphasising leader identity and leadership development. We have a strong Ethics, Sustainability and Responsibility (ERS) research agenda focused on business ethics, poverty and precarious work, and sustainability.

We are proud of our colleagues’ research achievements and our research environment that supports research excellence.

Business School REF Case Studies

Read all the School impactful REF case studies below:

Professor Carol Adams

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and value creation for organisations. The benefits of integrated thinking and reporting.
Professor Carol Adams

Professor Les Graham

Supporting policing wellbeing through research. Shared evidence to inform both local decision-making within police forces and national policies.
Professor Les Graham

Dr Anamaria Nicolae and Dr Michael Nower

The impact of future trade agreements on the United Kingdom’s Economy. driving monetary policy and influencing on a national and local level.
Dr Anamarie Nicolae and Dr Michael Nower

Professor Dennis Philip and Professor Panayiotis Andreou

The sides and roles of financial literacy and financial behaviour focused on the national context of India and Cyprus.
Professor Dennis Philip and Professor Panayiotis Andreou

Professor Sarah Xiao and Professor Mike Nicholson

Collaborative research into consumer behavioural profiling and impulse buying has resulted in significant financial profits.
Professor Sarah Xiao and Professor Mike Nicholson

Professor Christos Tsinopoulos and Professor Nick Ellis

Implementing customer-driven supply chain integration delivers improvements in performance, development of new products and decision making.
Christos Tsinopoulos and Nick Ellis - Resized

Professor Laurence Ferry

Public sector audit and accountability research has significantly changed UK government thinking and policy making and enhanced public accountability.
Laurence Ferry

Professor Habib Ahmed

Research identifies ways in which Islamic finance can contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
Professor Habib Ahmed

Professor Kieran Fernandes

Research develops a road-mapping toolkit which impacts processes and decisions across supply chains at a leading UK engineering company.
Kiran Fernandes

Durham University Research Excellence Framework (REF)

View all the REF case studies and activities from across Durham University.
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