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The Centre for Strategy, Technological Innovation, and Operations (STIO) is a multidisciplinary research centre that aims to be a global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge in the areas of strategy, technology and innovation management, and operations management. Information systems and business analytics are also central to technological innovation, strategy formulation and operational execution. The centre brings together in a collaborative relationship two main groups with complementary areas of expertise and shared interests in technological innovation: the Strategy, Innovation and Technology (SIT) group, and the Operations Management (OM) group. Each group maintains its own people expertise, publication/news, seminar series, specialized projects and other scholarly activities (which can be viewed by clicking on the above respective links).

The centre’s decentralized, bottom-up thematic approach enables the centre’s researchers to combine their specialized expertise along with multidisciplinary frameworks and skills to tackle larger and more complex problems and address important global and regional challenges which are topical, relevant, and have significant business and societal impact.

Our research, which is published in some of the leading journals in our disciplines, uses rigorous methods to explore themes inspired by important managerial problems, challenges, and practice. The centre develops cutting-edge research and applications to support industrial scientific advances and policy-making to benefit business, the economy, and society. The rigour and relevance of our research are evident in the impact our research is having on business thought leadership (see our publications), as well as on firms (big and small), public sector organizations, industry, and government.

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STIO is an interdisciplinary community of academics focused on producing world-leading and impactful research on the strategic and operational challenges and opportunities that knowledge-intensive firms face in today’s dynamic technological, data-driven, and innovation-led world.

Lenos Trigeorgis
Centre Director and Professor of Strategy

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We operate in an outward-looking environment by proactively and systematically engaging with external stakeholders including businesses, other Universities, funding bodies, and professional associations.

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