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Technical Support in the Department of Music

The Department of Music is the only department of the Arts and Humanities Faculty with a team of technicians.

Students in a recording studio booth sitting at a large mixing deck

The unique infrastructure of the Department includes a recording studio, an electroacoustic studio, an audiovisual documentation and analysis laboratory, a music and science lab, and a music technology suite (comprising a studio, a students’ lab, and a workshop where the technicians are based) complementing teaching and performance facilities.

Electronics Technician Martin Allison focuses on supporting teaching and undergraduate students’ work in the music technology lab and in the studios; Technical Specialist Dr Simone Tarsitani focuses on supporting research applications of staff and postgraduate students, being also responsible for the research facilities and for audiovisual technologies.

Common applications include audio and video production in the studio and on location, live PA for concerts, multimedia installations, data curation and management, development of custom equipment and configurations, physiology monitoring and recording, and also advising the planning and development of research projects, teaching and training in music and audiovisual technologies.