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Jue Wang

Doctoral Research Student

Doctoral Research Student in the School of Government and International Affairs


Jue Wang is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University.

Before joining SGIA in 2021, she studied MSc Security Studies at the Department of Political Science, University College London. Her master thesis explored female suicide bombers in Boko Haram – their motives, opportunities, and narratives around them.

With the continuing interest in women’s participation in terrorism and political violence, Jue’s PhD research focuses on female suicide bombings with a critical gender approach, in which she explores female suicide bombers’ autonomy in the so-called terrorist activities and its relationship with gender norms from the society and tries to criticise our traditional understanding about terrorism and violent women. Her case studies cover Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Tamil-Sri Lanka conflict, Chechen-Russia conflict, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, as well as Boko Haram.

Research Groups
  • Durham Global Security Institute
  • Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies
Research Interests
  • Women in political violence
  • Gender relations in politics
  • Critical terrorism studies