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SPARC people

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James Osborn (Director)

James' research is in free-space optics, including developing novel instrumentation for satellite laser communications and satellite tracking and characterisation.
photo of James Osborn

Carly Beckerman (Co-Director)

Carly specialises in risk perception and the role it plays in decision-making on international politics, with a particular focus on emerging technologies.
Photo of Carly Beckerman

Atanu Chaudhuri (Co-Director)

Atanu's research focuses on in-orbit servicing and manufacturing, logistics, environmental impact assessment, economic valuation of debris and business model development.
A photo of Atanu Chaudhuri

Hubert Shum (Co-director)

Hubert designs and develops Responsible AI methods, which inform the accountability of AI decisions in space applications.

Petra Minnerop

Petra is working in the area of sustainability and has worked on State liability for environmental damage in space under various treaty regimes governing space.
Photo of Petra Minnerop

Kieran Fernandes

Kieran is the Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Development and Engagement). Prior to his academic career, he was a Sub-Systems Engineer at NASA's Stennis Space Centre.
photo of Kieran Fernandes

Joanne Rout

Joanne has a background in industrial research and technical and commercial management. Her current role is a Senior Business Development Manager.
photo of Joanne Rout

Ged Matthews

Ged's specialism is in large placemaking projects, using culture and events as connective tissue between different agendas, building excitement and bringing new audiences
Photo of Ged Matthews

Can Eken

Can is working on dispute resolution in the space sector. As an international arbitration expert, he is developing rules to address potential conflicts in the industry.
Photo of Can Eken

Cyril Bourgenot

Cyril works with novel concepts of space optical instrumentation with a focus on freeform optics design, manufacturing, metrology, and applications.
Photo of Cyril Bourgenot