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Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is a group of critical friends representing a range of disciplines and international institutions. They contribute to our work by

  • Commenting on the effectiveness of our vision and mission
  • Providing strategic insight and advice with respect to the activities, infrastructure, development and national and international profile of IMH
  • Connecting us with leading interdisciplinary and international networks in and beyond the medical humanities
  • Taking the role of critical friend and champion for the work of the IMH to ensure that our work is of real benefit

Advisory Board members are appointed by invitation for an initial three-year term.


IMH Advisory Board Current Members


Dr Hannah Bradby 

Uppsala University

Tara Case

Tara Case

Newcastle System in the NHS North East and North Cumbria

Prof. Des Fitzgerald

Prof. Des Fitzgerald

University College Cork

Sarah Hughes

Dr Sarah Hughes


Dr Wajid Khan

Dr Wajid Khan

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Prof. Laurie Maguire

University of Oxford

Dr Carla Tsampiras

University of Cape Town

 Prof. Jonathan Metzl

Vanderbilt University