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Portrait of an asian female with glasses, long, dark hair, and a colourful, striped shirt with a grey background

A warm welcome to Yundi Guo who joins the Institute for Medical Humanities as General Administrator

Yundi is the General Administrator for the Institute for Medical Humanities. Before this role, Yundi worked as an administrator for the DCAD Pre-sessional Programme. She finished her PhD in History at Durham in 2023. Her PhD thesis decoded the complexities and contradictions of German Democratic Republic society through looking at the practices of German classical music heritage domestically and in the GDR’s trans-bloc cultural exchange with Britain. Outside the office, she enjoys going to classical music concerts and opera festivals, silent films, and dancing minuet in full 18th century costume.  


Guo, Y. (2024). Butterfly over the Wall: Herz’s Madam Butterfly (1978) and Its Journey from the Komische Oper to the Welsh National Opera. In E. Emery, M. Hines, & E. Preuss (Eds.), The GDR Tomorrow: Rethinking the East German Legacy (59-96). Peter Lang

Welcome to the team, Yundi – we look forward to working with you!