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Group of people sat in rows facing presenter (a white woman with short blond hair)

IMH welcomes Fellows from across the medical humanities community at Durham University.

We are delighted to announce that we now have over 80 Fellows to the Institute for Medical Humanities, from a wide variety of disciplines and career stages across the University.

On 16 February, we met to explore and connect research interests and areas of expertise across our diverse medical humanities community.

The event followed an Open Space format, with attendees contributing prompts for discussion in small groups. Topics of conversation included:

  • Intersections of thinking, feeling and the imagination
  • Non-neuronormative research
  • Women’s health and interdisciplinary thinking
  • Race and decolonisation

Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a rich and generative discussion. We look forward to further engagements with our Fellows and warmly welcome them to the life of our Institute.

A group of three people sat in discussion - on the left, the back of a white individual with a beige shirt and khaki baseball cap; in the middle, an asian woman with dark hair in a bun, wearing a pink t-shirt and grey blazer; on the right, the legs of a white woman wearing a full-length dark green dress

Group of people sat in rows at IMH Fellows event

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About Fellowship of IMH:

We use the term 'fellow' both in its academic designation and in the earlier sense of being 'a companion, an associate, a comrade.' IMH Fellows are active members of the IMH community, who share our vision to develop, champion and extend the contribution of the humanities and social sciences to health.