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Successful research students

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Boonyarat Chokebandanchai: 'The Protection and Disclosure of Medical Confidentiality in Court Proceedings in Thailand' (2010 - supervised by Beyleveld). Now: Associate Professor at Naseuan University, Thailand.
  • Benedict Douglas: 'The Necessity and Possibility of the Use of the Principle of Generic Consistency by the UK Courts to Answer Fundamental Questions of Convention Rights Interpretation' (2012 - supervised by Beyleveld & Pattinson). Now: Assistant Professor in Law, Durham University.
  • Daniel Fenwick: 'A Gewirthian Conception of the Right to Enabled Suicide in England and Wales' (2015 - supervised by Pattinson & Baker). Now: Assistant Professor, Northumbria University.
  • Marianna Iliadou: Surrogacy and the European Convention on Human Rights (2020 - supervised by Pattinson & Cave). Now: Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex
  • Joshua Jowitt: 'The Necessary Moral Foundation of Law: A Gewirthian Critique of Contemporary Inclusive Positivism’ (2018 - supervised by Beyleveld & Pattinson). Now: Senior Lecturer in Law, Newcastle University.
  • Cheryl Lancaster: 'A history of embryonic stem cell research: Concepts, laboratory work, and contexts' (2017 - supervised by Maehle). Now: Medical Information Specialist, ProPharma Group.
  • Feifei Liu: 'Biofuel Legislative and Policy Framework and Sustainable Development: From Perspectives of Developing Countries' (2016 - supervised by Adcock & Tomasic).
  • Daniel Lowe, 'Assessing the Universality of Human Rights in the Context of Health’ (2018 - supervised by Baker & Pattinson). Now: Teaching Fellow, Warwick University.
  • Caterina Milo: ‘Informed consent to abortion: reframing the first medical encounter with a registered-medical-practitioner’ (2021 - supervised by Cave). Now Assistant Professor and Fellow in Law at Robinson College, University of Cambridge
  • Oluseyi Olayanju, 'A Critical Examination of the Prospects and Challenges of Applying the International Right to Health Framework for the Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Nigeria' (2024 - supervised by Pattinson & Pillay)
  • Clayton Ó Néill, ‘Is there Appropriate Weight given to the Abrahamic Religious Beliefs of Patients and Healthcare Professionals in English Medical Law?’ (2017 - supervised by Pattinson & Leigh). Now: Senior Lecturer in Law, Queens University Belfast
  • Sadaf Shariat, 'The Principle of Generic Consistency as the Surpeme Principle of Human Rights and the Interpretation of Ordre Public and Morality in EU Patent Law' (2017 - supervised by Beyleveld & Adcock). Now: Lecturer in Law, University of South Wales.
  • Zoe Tongue, 'Recognising a Human Right to Abortion' (2023 - supervised by Pattinson & Pillay). Now: Lecturer in Law, University of Leeds
  • Yi-Hung (Wesley) Weng: 'The Balance between the Data Protection Law Regime and Modern Technologies: Collision or Collaboration? − A Comparative Study of Regulatory Instruments in the EU and Taiwan' (2013 - supervised by Beyleveld & Leigh). Now: Assistant Professor, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan.

Master of Jurisprudence (MJur)

  • John Adenitire: 'Making Sense of the Disagreements about the Nature of Law: The Puzzles of Legal Normativity and Human Autonomy' (2012 - supervised by Beyleveld & Phillipson). Now: Senior Lecturer in Law, Queen Mary, London
  • Jessica Birch: 'Mature Minors and the Refusal of Medical Treatment: A Misused of Gillick?' (2017 - supervised by Pattinson & Douglas) Now: Policy Adviser, Sustainability Trade Policy at Department for International Trade (DIT)
  • Rebecca Blackburn: 'Ending One's Own Life: Unjustifiable Injustice' (2011 - supervised by Pattinson & Rackley). Now: Solicitor at Eversheds.
  • Aileen Editha: 'Is My Body My Property? A Proposal for the .Recognition of Property Rights over Bodily Materials' (2021 - supervised by Pattinson & Douglas). Now: PhD researcher, Queen's University, Canada
  • Chantell Kimpson (née Burrows): 'Deconstructing Motherhood: A critique of the regulation of surrogacy' (2011 - supervised by Rackely & Pattinson) Now: Bid Director, Novus.
  • Daniel Fenwick: 'Recognition of the Violation of Women's Human Rights Under the European Convention of Human Rights in the Context of Restrictive Abortion Regimes' (2011 - supervised by Pattinson & Beyleveld). Now:Assistant Professor, Northumbria University.
  • Elizabeth Gibbison (née Robinson): 'Lessons from Odysseus and Beyond: Why Lacking Morality Means Lacking Totality in the Mental Capacity Act 2005' (2014 - supervised by Pattinson). Now: Solicitor at Hay & Kilner. 
  • Lauren McCaughey, 'Can Ectogestation be ended? The importance of legal personhood "switching off" artificial amnion and placenta technology' (2024 - supervised by Romanis & Halliday)
  • Connor Wright: 'Assisted Dying: Judicial Wrong Turns in the Rights-Based Review of the Suicide Act 1961 and Proposals for Reform' (2021 - Pattinson & Fenwick)