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The Centre for Sustainable Development Law and Policy was represented in-person by Matthias Nouvet, PhD Student associated with the Centre, at the 20th IUCN-AEL Colloquium held at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu, Finland, from the 31st of July to the 4th of August 2023. Under the umbrella of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) The Academy of Environmental Law (AEL) is a specialised network of legal scholars and experts focused on environmental law and policy. The AEL's primary objective is to promote the development of environmental law and legal education related to environmental issues. 

IUCN-AEL Presentation

The 20th Colloquium of IUCN-AEL gathered 320 academics and students working in fields related to environmental law. About 180 participants were present in-person, 140 were online. The theme of the conference was ‘Future-Proofing Law in a Time of Environmental Emergency’.

With 54 parallel sessions and 2 plenary sessions, participants engaged in in-depth discussions and presentations that delved into the latest advancements in research and offered various perspectives on the direction environmental law is heading in the future. Participants from all around the World discussed different topics related to environmental law and sustainability. Some topics include International Environmental Law, Energy Law, Circular Economy, Digitalisation, Biodiversity, Conflict, and more.

Presentations from world experts contributed to a dynamic environment for discussions, and ensured that participants had the privilege of engaging with cutting-edge research and insights. It enabled the exchange of ideas and fostered a deeper understanding of potential of the global stocktake. Speakers shared their expertise and perspectives on enhancing climate action and support in collective progress. The insights gained from the event will play a crucial role in shaping future actions. 

It was the opportunity to create bridges between the IUCN and Durham Law School/CSDLP, and allow the institution to be part of the IUCN-AEL network. It is expected that membership to the network will open doors to current and future students interested in environmental law, from scholarships to participation to activities. 

The CSDLP is thrilled about the momentum generated during the IUCN-AEL Colloquium and looks forward to joining and actively contributing to the advancement of the IUCN-AEL network.