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This is a list of the most recent researchpublications by members of the Centre of Contemporary Chinese StudiesFull publication lists for each staff member can be obtained by visiting our people page.

Open access copies of the publications are available via Durham Research Online.  

Members' new publications (from 2014) 



Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2018). China in the Global Political Economy: From Developmental to Entrepreneurial. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. ElgarBlog of the book 'China’s new global economic footprints keep testing the belief in the role between the market and the state' 


Cao, Qing. (2014).  China under Western Gaze: Representing China in the British Television Documentaries, 1980-2000, World Scientific. 

Cao, Qing and Tian, H. & Chilton, P. eds. (2014).  Discourse, Politics and Media in Contemporary China', John Benjamins. 

Kerr, David. Ed. (2014). China's Many Dreams: comparative perspectives on China's search for national rejuvenation. The Nottingham China Policy Institute Series. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Guo, R., Bulag, U.E., Crang, M.A., Heberer, T., Hwang, E.-G., Millward, J.A., Rossabi, M., Postiglione, G.A., Shih, C.-y., Tapp, N., (2014). Multicultural China: A Statistical Yearbook (2014). Springer. 


Journal paper: 


Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2017). 'Fighting global inequality with Chinese characteristics: the role of the sovereign wealth funds (SWFs)'. China's World (2)1: 39-51. 


Zhang, J.J. & Crang, M. (2016). ‘Making material memories: Kinmen’s bridging objects and fractured places between China and Taiwan’. Cultural Geographies 23:421-439. 

Cheung, Gordon C. K. & Gomez, Edmund Terence (2016). ‘“When Margaret Thatcher met the Chinese”: UK’s SMEs policies in the 1980s and the case of See Woo Holdings’. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies 8(3): 335-354. 

Sutherland, D. & Ning, L. (2016). Inward FDI spillovers and innovation capabilities in Chinese business: exploring the moderating role of local industrial externalities. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 

Li, J., Strange, R., Ning, L. & Sutherland, D. (2016). Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Innovation Performance: Evidence from China. International Business Review 25(5): 1010-1019. 

Li, H., Zhang, Z. & Zhang, C. (2016). ‘China's Intervention in the Central Parity Rate A Bayesian Tobit Analysis’. Research in International Business and Finance 

Dixon, R., Zhang, Z. & Dai, Y. (2016). ‘Exchange Rate Flexibility in China: Measurement, Regime Shifts and Driving Forces of Change’. Review of International Economics, Vol. 25, issues 5, pp. 875 – 892. 


Crang, M., (2015). ‘Travelling ethics: Valuing harmony, habitat and heritage while consuming people and places’ Geoforum 67, 194-203. 

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Anderson, J. & Sutherland, D. (2015). Developed Economy Investment Promotion Agencies and Emerging Market Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Chinese FDI in Canada. Journal of World Business 50(4): 815-825. 

Huang, S., Chen, J., Wang, Y., Ning, L., Sutherland, D., Zhou, Z. & Zhou, Y. (2015). External heterogeneity and its impact on open innovation performance. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 27(2): 182-197. 

Wang, Y., Sutherland, D., Ning, L. & Pan, X. (2015). The evolving nature of China's regional innovation systems: Insights from an exploration–exploitation approach. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 100: 140-152. 

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Xie, Li, Woo, Wing Thye, Zhang, Zhichao & Zhang, Zhuang (2015). ‘A Multiple Goal Investment Strategy for Sovereign Wealth Funds: An Application to China’. Asian Economic Papers 14(1): 78-97. 

Zhang, Zhichao (2015). ‘Comments on Monetary Policy and Structural Decline: Lessons from Japan for the European Crisis’. Asian Economic Papers 14(1): 151-153. 

Nie, Jing, Zhang, Zhichao, Zhang, Zhuang & Zhou, Si. (2015). ‘Currency Exposure in China under the New Exchange Rate Regime: National Level Evidence’. China and World Economy 23(3): 97-109. 

Zhang, ZhichaoXie, Li, Lu, Xiangyun & Zhang, Zhuang (2015). ‘Determinants of Financial Distress in Large Financial Institutions: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Companies’. Contemporary Economic Policy 

Zhang, Z., Ding, L., Zhang, F. & Zhang, Z. (2015). ‘Optimal Currency Composition for China’s Foreign Reserves: a Copula Approach’. World Economy 38(12): 1947-1965. 


AricanliSare. (2014). 'Plurality in Qing imperial medicine: examining institutional formations beyond the Imperial Medical Bureau', Asian Perspectives Winter, pp. 61-83 

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Huang, S., Chen, J., Wang, Y., Ning, L., Sutherland, D., Zhou, Z. & Zhou, Y. (2014). ‘External heterogeneity and its impact on open innovation performance’. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 1. 

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Zhang, Zhichao., Ding, Li., Zhang, Fan. & Zhang, Zhuang. (2014). ‘Optimal currency composition for China's foreign reserves: a copula approach’. The World Economy 

Zheng, Binghan and Xiang, Xia. (2014). 'The impact of cultural background knowledge in the processing of metaphorical expressions: An empirical study of English-Chinese sight translation', Translation and Interpreting Studies 9, pp. 5-24. 

Zheng, Binghan. (2014). 'The role of consultation sources revisited: an empirical study of English–Chinese translation', Perspectives: studies in translatology 22, pp. 113-135. 


Book chapter: 


Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015). 'Let The Hundred Businesses Donate (bai shang qi juan): The New Chinese Ways of Philanthropy, Traditional Values and the US Model'. In China's Many Dreams: Comparative Perspectives on China's Search for National Rejuvenation. Kerr, David, ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 132-155. 

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Cheung, Gordon C. K. (2015).‘Er ci dazhan qian taigu yanghang zai zhongguo de duice gonglue’ (The Strategy and Policy of John Swire Co. in China before 1945). In Weiji guantou jiazu qiye de yingdui zhi dao (Facing the Crisis: Ways and Resolution of Family Businesses). Ed. by Zheng, Victor and & Chow, M. K. Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Books Co. 173-191. 

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Bailey, Paul (2014). ''Cultural Connections in a New Global Space: Li Shizeng and the Chinese Francophile Project in the Early Twentieth Century'', in Lin, Peiyin & Tsai, Weipin (eds.), Print, Profit and Perception: Ideas, Information and Knowledge in Chinese Societies 1895-1949, Brill, pp. 17-39 

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