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The Centre for Chinese Law and Policy (CCLP) was officially established on 27th February 2019. It is an interdisciplinary centre that aims to become a leading research institution for Chinese law and policy outside of China.
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Teaching and Research 

Members of the CCLP are committed to conducting original researches on Chinese law and policy issues that are of contemporary significance and disseminating the research results via leading publishers. The centre also brings together advanced scholars and practitioners around the world to study Chinese law and policy in the form of conferences, regular seminars, workshops, dialogues, etc. 

The CCLP dedicates itself to the teaching of Chinese law in prominent ways. Apart from offering high-calibre modules of Chinese law within Durham Law School’s curriculum, the centre will develop intriguing extra-curricular activities for students and scholars who are interested in studying Chinese law. 

The CCLP also seeks to expand the impact of its research and teaching through cooperation and by maintaining a wide range of academic, social, and political contacts with various academic institutions, think tanks, and government agencies within and beyond the UK. 

The CCLP is a member of the Asia-Pacific and Europe Law Institutes Alliance, a recently established league that consists of a cohort of top institutions such as British Institute of International and Comparative Law, as well as prestigious law schools including those of Tsinghua University, Peking University, National University of Singapore, City University of Hong Kong, University of New South Wale, among others.