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2022 DurhamARCTIC Spring School

The 2022 DurhamARCTIC Spring School (13-14 April in Geography 007) provided an opportunity for the 15 DurhamARCTIC PhD students to receive supportive feedback from the distinguished Arctic researchers who were also delivering keynotes at the UK Arctic Science Conference: Anthropologist Ivar Bjørklund (UiT: Arctic University of Norway), Ecologist Bruce Forbes (University of Lapland), Historian of science Nina Cyrén Wormbs (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), and Legal scholar Timo Koivurova (University of Lapland). In each of four sessions, a group of DurhamARCTIC students introduced a piece of their work (depending on their stage, this might be a progression paper, thesis chapter, article in progress, etc.), and this was followed by extended commentary from a discussant who had previously read the paper. All members of the DurhamARCTIC community (supervisors, staff colleagues, student colleagues, board members, and interested Arctic researchers at Durham) were invited to attend. 


Schedule: DurhamARCTIC Spring School schedule

Abstracts: DurhamARCTIC Spring School abstracts