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The IAS has an Advisory Council supports the IAS in delivering an exciting academic programme and to promote the IAS.

The Council comprises leading national and international figures with expertise in interdisciplinary research to guide the IAS on its strategy and activities.

Advisory Council Members 2024/25

Find out more about our Council members serving this year

Professor Joanna Page

University of Cambridge
Headshot of Prof Joanna Page

Professor John Sutton

Macquarie University
Headshot of Prof John Sutton

Professor Veena Das

Johns Hopkins
Headshot of Prof Veena Das

Professor Chris Rogers

University of Birmingham
Headshot of Prof Chris Rogers

Professor Pat Unwin

University of Warwick
Headshot of Prof Patrick Unwin

Professor Dilip Menon

University of Witwatersrand
Headshot of Prof Dilip Menon

Professor Elizabeth Edwards

De Montfont University
Head shot of Prof Elizabeth Edwards

Professor Felicity Callard

University of Glasgow
Head shot of Prof Felicity Callard