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Is Britain on track for a zero-carbon power sector in six years?

The new government has created Great British Energy as part of its pledge to try and achieve zero-carbon electricity production by 2030. Professor Jon Gluyas and Dr Andrew Crossland, from the Durham Energy Institute as well as working in the Departments of Earth Sciences and Engineering respectively, assess whether that ambition is realistic.
Solar panels on a roof surrounded by a sunny sky.

Bigger animals don’t always have the biggest brains relative to body size – new research

Scientists have long believed that big animals will tend to have big brains, but a new study involving Professor Robert Barton, from our Department of Anthropology, has found that may not be the case.
Three brains at different angles

Corruption hurts businesses but digital tools offer the hope of fighting it, say manufacturers in Ghana and Nigeria

Professor Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, from Durham University's Business School, has co-authored a study looking at how corruption can impact businesses in Nigeria and Ghana. Here his team explain what the study found and how those results can help influence policymakers.
A laptop screen and a mobile phone

Euro 2024: women need safer fan spaces at big football tournaments to stamp out hostility and abuse

With Euro 2024 in full-flow, Professor Stacey Pope, from our Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, looks at what more can be done to help women feel more safe when attending major football tournaments.
A female football fan wearing England face paint in front of an England flag

Euro 2024: whoever wins the football, the Turkish kebab takes the fast-food crown

A new poll has revealed that kebabs have been voted the favourite food of football supporters attending Euro 2024, but how have they become so popular in Germany? Professor Daniel Newman, from our School of Modern Languages and Cultures, has taken a look at the origin of kebabs.
Two kebabs rotating
Three international students sat talking

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