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Picture of alumnus Enoch Omale

We caught up with Enoch Omale who recently graduated from our department of Computer Science.

By: Enoch Omale  Class of: 2021 College: University College  Subject: Computer Science


What was your experience like studying Computer Science at Durham?

I really enjoyed the undergraduate Computer Science programme! From the first year the department made sure the whole cohort was up to speed on the fundamentals. In my second year, I especially enjoyed some of the image processing and computer graphics submodules as I have a huge passion for visual arts, and film in particular. These classes inspired my choice of final project in my third year which focused on photo editing. Having all of my third year during the pandemic was tough, but I had lots of support from my family and friends, as well as from professors (like Dr. Friedetzky, my project advisor!)

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I liked the breadth of the course a lot, from theory classes like ADS and Complexity to super specialised/applied classes like Scientific Computing or Multimedia and Game Development! There was a lot on offer which really got me excited for possible career/study paths in the future.

What have you been up to since you left Durham?

After graduating I started a Software Engineering role at Rocksteady Studios (Warner Bros. Games) in London, working on an upcoming DC title. I enjoyed the team a lot and learned loads, but I felt I wanted to get back into academia. I decided to apply for master's programme and fortunately got into an Master of Science programme in Computer Science at Yale University after a year at Warner Bros.

During my degree I focused on expanding my knowledge of computer graphics, visualisation and physically based simulation. I now work as a Software Engineer for Illuminant Surgical, a Los Angeles based startup in the medical device space. It’s a little different to the world of video games and film, but there is surprisingly a lot of overlap due to the heavy graphical component of surgical navigation.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan, at least for the near future, is to continue with the startup in LA as long as I’m able to grow and provide value. At some point I would like to work in the film industry even for a little bit, before potentially stepping into academia yet again. 
Beyond that I hope to use skills I’ve gained to make a meaningful impact on society. 

What would be your top advice for current students and/or prospective students?

I would advise current students to keep options open and think beyond the standard pathways for the future. Especially with a STEM degree, there will always be somewhere cool to apply your skills. Secondly, as someone who feels constantly drawn to return to school, make the most of the wonderful facilities, staff and fellow students at your disposal!