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Botanic Garden

Want to know more about how we interact with our local community?

Our monthly Community Newsletter explores the news, events, and research both at Durham University and in the city itself. 

This month, we have some family-friendly events such as the annual Greenspace Festival at Grey College and the Botanic Garden Fun Day. In addition to the 200 charities and community organisations we support, we are also looking for more volunteers and volunteering opportunities in Durham City. 

We've also included news that might interest our local community, including the Chancellor installation, Congregation ceremonies, Undergraduate Pre-Application Open Days, and more. We've also included the news of our University Challenge team winning the Grand Final of the BBC quiz show this year. 

The newsletter's Spotlight section highlights the work our staff does that involves and benefits the local community. This month's Spotlight features Community Liaison Manager Hannah Shepherd and all the work she does to connect the University to the residents of Durham City. 

The research conducted at Durham University is world-leading, and we've highlighted a few stories that the local community might find interesting. Learn about pauper apprentices in North Yorkshire, scientists who are working with the Durham Cathedral to encourage swifts to nest, and that we've been ranked 77th worldwide in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, which assess how universities are contributing to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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