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7 March 2023 - 7 March 2023

6:30PM - 8:00PM


  • Free.

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Durham University is a member of the Matariki Network of Universities; an international group of seven leading HE institutions working together on a range of activities under the broad umbrella of research, education and benchmarking/sharing good practice.

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An invitation-only event for key members of staff from the Matariki Network of Universities, an international group of seven leading HE institutions.

Back in 2020, an opportunity was identified by Human Resources & Organisational Development colleagues at Durham University to allow Senior Managers within Professional Services across the Matariki Network to engage with each other on a range of universally relevant leadership issues. Participating leaders would be introduced to a series of expert-led lectures on specific themes, accompanied by whole group sessions (with smaller breakout groups), to further discussions around these themes and allow for networking/sharing best practice across international boundaries. A successful pilot took place at the end of 2021, involving four member institutions: Durham University (UK), the University of Otago (New Zealand), Queen's University (Canada) and Uppsala Universitet (Sweden).  The programme comprised four pre-recorded video lectures from research experts in leadership and management, (one from each institution), as well as four live sessions conducted via Zoom. Participants watched the videos at a time to suit them and then attended synchronous reflection-learning sessions; to discuss the content of the lecture and compare their own experiences to those of their colleagues from the other universities. 

Following the resounding success of the pilot scheme, we are delighted that the programme will run again in Spring 2023. Before the launch of this new programme, we will be holding a virtual Alumni event for previous participants on Tuesday 7th March. This will provide an opportunity for colleagues to re-connect with their peers around the world, to reflect upon the 2021 programme and how/to what extent they have managed to apply their learning to their everyday work since this tome. We look forward to reconnecting with these colleagues! 

This online event is for previous participants in Matariki Leadership Initiative Programme and attendance is by invitation only. Attendees will be asked to register using a Zoom registration link.