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At Durham University we are extremely proud of our staff and students.

Prepare to be inspired. Prepare to achieve something extraordinary. Our academic staff are so much more than lecturers. They carry out ground-breaking research that shapes our departments, inspires our courses, and directly informs our teaching. Explore our 27 academic departments in-depth. Meet our staff, discover each department's facilities, events, news and research opportunities.
Academic Departments
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Durham Centre for Academic Development

Are you an international student? A mature learner returning to education? Thinking of changing academic field, or qualifications do not allow direct entry? We can help.
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Centre for Foreign Languages Study

We aim to deliver a broad portfolio of language courses and work collaboratively with other language centres in UK universities.
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Academic Skills Centre

A place for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students to access support and guidance on improving academic skills and academic English language.
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Our Faculties

Durham University Business School is a Faculty of Durham University. The four Departments in the School are Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Management and Marketing.

Here at Durham University Business School we believe that to succeed in business, you need to get closer to the realities of business. So that’s what we do. We connect students and alumni with global companies. And we link businesses with incisive and innovative thinking.

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A street in Durham, with old buildings and people walking down the street

We nurture thoughtful, critical and engaged citizens for a rapidly changing and complex world. We provide tools for analysis, interpretation and expression, tools to discuss and compare models of human life and flourishing, tools for imagining the future. 

The six departments and one School of Durham’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities produce highly-ranked and influential research within and across disciplines, languages, and cultures. Each of our departments or schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 

The faculty also provides Liberal Arts programmes, and one teaching centre, the Centre for Foreign Language Study.

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A street in Durham, with old buildings and people walking down the street

The Faculty of Science is made up of eight departments which are responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and for research. 

The Faculty is also responsible for the broad-ranging undergraduate Natural Sciences Degree Programme, which allows students to study science alongside two or more other subjects.

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A street in Durham, with old buildings and people walking down the street

The Faculty is a diverse community of 4,700 undergraduates, 3,300 postgraduates and over 350 academic and research staff, who are based across 10 academic Departments and Schools, who are engaged in pioneering research and innovative learning. We are regularly ranked within the world's top 50 for the quality and significance of our research, our students enjoy an un-paralleled learning experience and our graduates are some of the most sought after by employers.

The Faculty is also responsible for an undergraduate Combined Honours in Social Sciences programme.

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A street in Durham, with old buildings and people walking down the street