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We are committed to supporting the best students irrespective of financial circumstances. We have an offering of scholarships and bursaries, either funded by the University, through partnerships with external organisations or through generous donations from alumni and friends of the University.

The scholarships, awards and bursaries are dedicated to supporting students from countries around the world. Other options for funding your studies may also be available.

Find out more about Postgraduate Scholarships available at Durham. 

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NHSBSA social work bursaries

We have a limited number of NHSBSA Social Work Bursaries available to eligible students confirming a place on Master of Social Work (MSW).

The NHSBSA Social Work Bursary: 

  • can help with study and living costs 
  • is a grant not a loan 
  • gets paid into your bank account at the start of each term, if you are eligible 
  • is only available to students who meet the course and residency criteria 
  • is subject to capping, so the number of students who can receive a bursary is limited 
  • must be applied for each academic year 

Find out how much you may be eligible for as a Social Work student and how to apply: NHSBSA Bursary 

Please note, the number of NHSBSA social work bursaries are capped each year and these are normally allocated on a first-come-first-served basis to applicants firmly accepting offers for the coming year. 

Fees and Funding 

Annual MSW fee = £8500 

Fees can be paid through a combination of bursaries and scholarships: 

  • NHSBSA tuition fee bursary = £4052  
  • Durham University Tuition Scholarship = £1086 
  • A minimum basic grant paid directly to the student = £3362.50*

*Note: NHSBSA bursary holders may also be entitled to additional means-tested grants. 

Students who are eligible for a social work bursary from Durham University are not eligible to apply for a postgraduate loan, however alternative funding options are available. 

To find out about availability of the NHSBSA bursary, please contact the admissions tutor via