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Jeremy Dibble

A festival dedicated to the choral and chamber music of Charles Villiers Stanford, his contemporaries and his pupils will take place in Galway from 21-23 January 2022. The festival will also feature two lectures by Professor Jeremy Dibble.

For its 2022 Midwinter Festival, Music for Galway shines a light on a largely unsung hero of music history, the Irish composer Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. While many music-lovers might have a  passing acquaintance with some of his choral music, the scope and breadth of his extensive musical output is worthy of far greater recognition. The influence and legacy of Stanford as one of the 20th century’s most important composition teachers is hard to overstate. Throughout the weekend, alongside chamber and vocal works by Stanford himself, we hear music by composers who  influenced him, but also by many of the composers who studied with him in London.

For more information visit, Midwinter Festival: STANFORD – Music for Galway